What is Vaping ?

Vaping quite simply is the inhalation of vapor by usually through an electronic cigarette. When you smoke you are smoking because you inhale something that is on fire.  Vaping is NOT smoking!

Vaping an electronic cigarette does not burn anything, you inhale vapor created through an electrical heating process powered by a battery.  The vapor itself is similar to the smoke that comes from smoke machines, or from some types of model trains that have "steam" coming from them. Electronic cigarettes or e-Cigarettes take the vapor and mix it with nicotine to be inhaled directly to the lungs just like a cigarette.  This process is called vaping.

The devices themselves can go by many names including: Electronic Cigarettes, Personal Vaporizers (PV's), ECIGS, eCigarettes, minifogger. 

You may have seen or heard more and more ads recently about e-Cigarettes.


Does Vaping electronic cigarettes smell?
Yes, there is an odor in the vapor.  It is nowhere near cigarette smoke, nor does it linger like tobacco smoke.  You can be vaping in a cardboard box all day and if someone smells your clothes they won't detect it.

Does it feel like your taking a drag?
Yes, you feel a "throat hit".  It isn't as strong as cigarette smoke, but it feels like you are smoking something. This is not just sucking on a hollow tube.

Is it expensive?
It depends where you shop!  Some sites offer a starter kit for only $75 (shop around!).  Then you need to buy new cartridges.  If you shop around you can find prefilled cartridges for $5 for 5.

How long does a cartridge last and how much do they cost?
It depends how much your vaping.  Manufactures vary in how long they say the cartriges will last.  In my experience it's about 10 cigarettes worth.  So it works out being the equivalent of about $2 a pack.  Still there are other costs like new batteries and atomizers, but in my experience they do not fail very often.  So vaping saves money!  


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