Common Mistake That Ruins Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Most of the time batteries get ruined because of liquid getting in it. If you drip liquid directly onto the atomizer you are more likely to get liquid into the battery. You can tell if liquid has leaked into the battery because the light will stay on longer than normal after you take a drag. It may even stay on until the 4 second cut off and the light will blink and shut itself off. It may also start to turn on and off when you tap it, these are all signs that you got liquid into the battery.
To avoid getting liquid in the battery you should never dip more than 2 drops of liquid onto the atomizer. You may want to only use one drip. The only time you should use more than 2 drips is if you just cleaned the atomizer, but you still need to be careful to avoid flooding the atomizer. You also should try to keep your e-cigarette horizontal, if it stays in a vertical position for too long liquid can leak down into the battery.
There is not much you can do if liquid does get into the battery. The best thing to do is let the battery dry out, since the liquid is pretty thick it will take a few days and maybe even a week. After you let it dry out it may go back to working like normal. It is important to do everything you can to avoid getting liquid into the battery.