Electronic Cigarettes Are The Best Way To Stop Smoking

Just about every cigarette smoker has tried at least several times to quit smoking. The majority fail to quit, and most of the rest are able to quit for a while before returning to tobacco.

The most popular methods used by smokers trying to quit are the nicotine patch, hypnosis, nicotine chewing gum and cold turkey . The failure rates for all of these methods are immense, and nobody is sure exactly why most ex-smokers ultimately return to cigarettes.

It’s clear that there needs to be a better way to effectively wean smokers off of tobacco. While patches and nicotine gum can deliver the drug to addicted smokers effectively, neither can replicate the sensation of smoking. Because smoking is both a physical and behavioral addiction, smokers must struggle with their desire for a puff, even if he or she is receiving a nicotine dosage from a patch.

This means that electronic cigarettes could be more effective at helping those struggling to totally free themselves from tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes look and feel like a regular cigarette, but they deliver a harmless vapor “smoke” from a cartridge that is the exact same temperature of real lit tobacco. There is a large selection of flavored cartridges for users to choose from, the most popular being tobacco flavored. The LED tip of an ecig lights up red (or another color if you wish), and looks just like a real cigarette, and the smoker can enjoy the familiar sensation of a cigarette in their hand. Even better, an electric cigarette emits no secondhand smoke that is harmful to others, enabling ecig smokers to enjoy their ecigs almost anyplace.

Because ecigs are nicotine delivery systems that are user-controlled – the smoker of an electric cigarette can actually reduce the amount of nicotine he or she receives, and quit in stages. This may be a crucial element for many people who would like to quit smoking, but have failed. The smoking sensation an electronic cigarette gives them, delivering the exact amount of nicotine they require, could be the answer to so many people trying to quit the habit.


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  2. With smok al85 kit Electronic Cigarettes, nothing associated with the particular 4,000 deadly chemicals found in classic smoking cigarettes are produced because you don't have smoke... not a single thing actually burning. No smoke means no tar, carbon dioxide monoxide, etc.