How Electronic Cigarettes Work To Create Smoke?

Electric cigarettes, also called electronic cigarette or ecigs, are an amazing invention that is revolutionizing smoking. E-cigarettes are not only cheaper and safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they utilize modern technology to deliver a true smoking experience for tobacco users. Nicotine gets delivered using a harmless water vapor that mimics tobacco smoke. This vapor is tobacco flavored (or another flavor if you choose), and has the same temperature as ordinary smoke. Electric cigarette vapor dissipates into the air within a few seconds, and does not leave a smelly residue. No smoke, no smell.

You may be wondering how this technology works from a technical standpoint. The heart of the electric cigarette is the atomizer, a part that all ecigs have. Electric cigarettes come in various brands and styles, but all models utilize the same basic technology.

All e-cigarettes have these basic parts: A cartridge containing nicotine and flavoring, the main casing, a mouthpiece, a smart chip controller, an atomization chamber plus a rechargeable lithium battery. Drawing on an electric cigarette turns the unit on, and begins the process of creating the smokelike vapor and lighting up of the LED indicator.

The main component of an electric cigarette is the atomization chamber ― the part that actually generates the smokelike vapor. Vapor results from the heating up, or atomizing the liquid in the cartridge. The tip of the unit has a light-up LED that glows when you use it, to make it look just like a tobacco cigarette flame. You can put your finger on the glowing tip and not get burned because there is no actual flame involved. It’s cool to the touch and cool to be seen using this interesting accessory. When you stop using it, the unit shuts itself off to save power.
When inhaled, the electronic cigarette user receives the sensation and nicotine dosage that he or she got from smoking tobacco ― without the tar, carbon monoxide, second hand smoke or dirty ash residue. This, plus considerable cost savings are what makes electronic cigarettes so popular, and why so many people are making the switch to e-cigs.


  1. Thats great advice thanks, I never knew how it worked, I am thinking of switching to e cigs, as I read that e cigarettes are the most popular way to quit smoking.

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