Some Areas are Banning Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are sparking a legal and social debate over whether it's ok to light up  in places where regular smokes are banned from lighting up.
Despite big differences between cigarettes and their electronic cousins, several states, workplaces and localities across the USA have explicitly included electronic cigarettes in smoking bans.

Some have clarified that the battery-powered devices don't fall under those bans.
Others are rethinking smoking laws to include them in the ban.

Electronic cigarettes are devices made from metal and plastic which heats a liquid nicotine solution in a cartridge, creating vapor that the user inhales. They don't burn or give off smoke like a normal cigarette. The practice  is  called vaping by users, rather than smoking.

Some people are saying electronic cigarettes should be allowed in places where normal cigarettes are banned. Others are worried of their safety and what risks secondhand electronic cigarette vapor holds.


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